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Reporting Guidelines(22‑23)
Reporting Guidelines(23‑24)

MOC Hospital Reporting System

Automated submision of MOC Hospital Reports

v1.10 Now Live

  • Pup Tents can enter Hospital Reports directly into the system using an Excel like interface that saves your work as you go in Draft mode
  • When a Pup Tent is ready to submit the report to their Grand, they simply click the Submit button which changes the status to Submitted
  • The Grand can either Accept the report or Return it to the Pup Tent with remarks on why it was Returned
  • Once the Pup Tent has resolved any issues, they can Submit the report again
  • Once the Grand Accepts the report, it is then shown on the Grand Hospital Report which shows the status of each Pup Tent
  • Once the Grand has Accepted all of the Pup Tent reports for the month, they click the Submit button to submit the report to Supreme

Please direct any comments/questions/feedback to the Supreme Codeslinger, Robert "Check" Adamczyk at mrcheck@gmail.com

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