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MOC Hospital Reporting System

Release Notes

  • v1.10 - Report Printing - 9 September 2023
    • You can now print the Supreme Report and Courier Report without the page being garbled.

  • v1.09 - Member at Large (MAL) reporting - 26 December 2022
    • Some Grands have Members at Large that do hospital visits and report those directly to the Grand.
      The system now supports entering these reports directly into the system. The Grands can choose to
      give out the account credentials to the members at large or accept the reports from them via Excel
      and enter them on their behalf. This release also includes several admin enhancements.

  • v1.08 - JavaScript Math Bug Fix - 14 October 2022
    • JavaScript has an interesting quirk: Sometimes it can't add floating point numbers. For example,
      it believes that 0.1 + 0.2 = 0.30000000000000004. This can cause a problem when you want to multiply
      using floating point numbers like 22.55. So, if you spent 3.3 hours somewhere, and multiply that by the
      hourly value of 22.55, JavaScript believes that should equal 74.41499999999999. When you round that
      down to two decimal places, you get 74.41. Now try the same thing in a calculator.
      22.55 * 3.3 = 74.415. When you round that down to two decimal places you get 74.42.
      That's a problem if you want accurate numbers. This release should fix that problem.

  • v1.07 - Calculation Verification - 11 October 2022
    • Added report calculation verification capability. Under certain circumstances (network glitches, improperly
      calculated Excel spreadsheets being imported, etc), the numbers on Pup Tent reports can become out of sync.
      Numbers are now verified when a report loads or when a report is submitted. If the numbers don't match, this
      be resolved before it is allowed to be submitted.

  • v1.06 - Pup Tent Report Submission Change - 28 September 2022
    • Pup Tents can now submit reports for months that have already gone by. If the Grand already has an accepted
      report for that month, it will be automatically changed to "Revised".
    • Fixed a bug with Supreme Reports that wasn't showing the correct total report number in certain cases.
    • Fixed a display bug under certain circumstances on the Grand Dashboard.
    • Added navigation from Pup Tent reports back to the Dashboard.

  • v1.05 - Notifications - Early September 2022
    • Added the capability of allowing Pup Tents, Grands, and Supreme Districts to identify who should be
      notified when reports are submitted/accepted/returned

  • v1.04 - Submission Modifications - August 2022
    • Pup Tents now have the ability to return a report to Draft if it hasn't been accepted yet by the Grand

  • v1.03 - User Interface Revamp - May 2022
    • Added graphics and revamped the way the pages look

  • v1.02 - Supreme Dashboard - May 2022
    • Added Supreme Dashboard allowing Supreme to see status of Grands on one page

  • v1.01 - Supreme Reports - December 2021
    • Added Supreme Report and Cootie Courier Report

  • v1.00 - Initial Release - August 2021
    • Iniital Release Used by the Grand of Virginia during 2021-2022
    • Demonstrated at Tomb Trek 2021

Please direct any comments/questions/feedback to the Supreme Codeslinger, Robert "Check" Adamczyk at mrcheck@gmail.com

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